Friday, 12 July 2013

Supercheap Storage for Business Storage Solutions

Our storage service is particularly useful for small and large businesses. We have high levels of security, climate-controlled units, various sized modules, an excellent team, and so much more to offer than traditional storage companies have. Store your extra stock with us, or use us to archive documents and save office space, the benefits are plenty.
At one time it was mainly home-owners that required storage as they moved between properties or rented out their home and needed storage space to put their own effects. Whilst this is still true, now storage options are much broader with customers coming from all walks of life.

Freeing up space at home leads to a better quality of life as there is more room to move around in, the house will instantly feel fresher and brighter, and decluttering actually creates a calm space to work and live in.

Business owners also take advantage of storage facilities for a number of reasons. Typically any business that holds client records is required by law to keep a record of transactions for a set number of years, this can lead to thousands of records in the filing system that never get looked at unless there is a discrepancy that needs to be sorted out. The amount of space these files take up depends on the size of the business but, however big or small, it is a waste of space that could be put to better use.

At Supercheap we have climate-controlled portable storage pods that offer a protected place for classified records and act as an archive, there is no need to pay for extra security in the workplace as the units and the storage facility are protected by video-monitors, perimeter fencing and guard, and the business gets to use the space for something more productive.

Some businesses are reliant on making their money during the high season and require space during the low season to stockpile extra supplies. Moving into larger premises makes no economical sense as it eats into profits, thus storing their goods in a pod can save them money and offers the ideal solution. There’s no need to book a pod as we always have them available and can deliver at very short notice.

Office renovations are sometimes necessary to capitalize on profits and again a storage unit saves the day as they can be facilitated for any short-term projects.  Move everything out whilst the work is going on and move it all back in once it’s completed.

 We train our team to our high standards and only employ experts in moving and storage solutions so you can be assured that your things are always in the best hands, from the moment they get packed and loaded until they are returned to your premises.

Office furniture is padded and loaded carefully into the unit where it’s protected from damp or mould as they’re built from heavy-duty industrial plywood that allows the unit to circulate air throughout. This greatly reduces the risk of moisture build-up which is the reason for mildew problems in the traditional storage pods used by other storage companies.

Cameron Robertson owns and operates Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches, with a facility in Manly, Dee Why, NSW - servicing the Northern Beaches areas with convenient portable storage units at the cheapest rates, including business storage solutions for self storage Brookvale.