Thursday, 11 July 2013

Declutter Your Home And You’ll Also Be Decluttering Your Life

Living in the same house for years can lead to a lot of clutter, and the odds are that a lot of it you never use, never look at and will never need again. Perhaps it’s time for a good clear out, set aside some time to organise yourself and your home and at the end of the decluttering project you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to the house and your mood.

Is your home full of belongings and furniture collected and acquired over the years? If the house is starting to feel too small for the family and all their stuff, but you don’t have the money or the inclination to move into a larger property, then there is another solution. It’s time to declutter your home!

Most people have far too many bits and pieces and the key to a calm life and a calm home is to minimise how much of that stuff stays around. Now there’s no reason to start hyperventilating at the thought that you have to throw out treasured objects, sort through photos and other memorabilia and discard items that might seem old and worn to others but are precious to you. 
There is another option that can free up a lot of space in your home but still means you can hold on to everything you want to.

Self-storage units give you a place to store all those items not required on a daily basis, and they come in different sizes from smaller options that are suitable for documents or pieces of furniture to larger ones that can fit the contents of a 4 bedroom house in very easily. These are really great for those that have far too many belongings at home but don’t have the heart to throw, sell, or give it away. Accessible every day of the year they can be the solution to your storage problems and charges are very reasonable.

It can help to make a plan as this gives you a schedule to keep to and a system so you don’t get fazed when faced with a whole room that needs a lot of organization. Some people like to start from the top of the house and make their way down, whilst others will want to get cracking on the rooms they live in the most, generally the kitchen or living room, and worry about the rest later.

In your plan choose the room order you intend to sort out first and try to put some kind of time frame to it, it can be a fast process with a room completed every 3 days, or taken at a slower pace with a week allocated to each room. Then make a task list for each room and what needs to go where. Lists can help you stay focused and keep on track.

Consider what items you really don’t have a need for any longer, this could include toys that have been outgrown, clothes from the 70’s that are well out of fashion, mis-matched furniture that’s far too bulky for the room it’s in, and more, more, more! Once you have selected those things get rid of them straight away – give them to the needy or a local charity, give them away to family or friends, or have a car boot sale, whatever it is just get rid of them.

Now you already have some space and you’ve only accomplished the first step. Aren’t you feeling better already? The next part is to have an idea of what you want to achieve in terms of how your home will look. Are you after a minimalist look or something a bit cosier? Get some packing boxes sorted out and start going through all your possessions, this includes opening up drawers and wardrobes, cleaning out closets and tidying bookcases.

You have to be really motivated to go through with this process, there’s no point starting it with good intentions getting it half done and then abandoning the project from lack of motivation. We never said this was going to be easy but the end result will definitely be worth all the hard work involved.