Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Security Features in Self Storage Units

One of the key benefits of having your belongings stored in a managed or self storage service is the added security it offers. While you may think your garden shed or garage is secure enough it will be limited in space and will never be as secure as a managed facility with 24 hour surveillance. 

Security is one of the top priorities for a storage company as their clients are putting their trust in them to take good care of their personal, valuable and private possessions. These could be family heirlooms, client’s records, personal letters, or childhood memories.

Any modern storage facility near Brookvale business should use sophisticated surveillance equipment as well as security guards at vulnerable times, this includes throughout the night when break-ins are more likely to happen and there is not so many people around. They offer a level of security that is difficult to match if you store your goods elsewhere. Most storage units are located in either fenced-off premises with CCTV cameras positioned around the perimeter and then also in alarmed buildings.

For a thief to gain access to your belongings they would have to first gain access to the facility, then to the building, and eventually into your actual unit which is fitted with a strong padlock. Storage facilities are designed with this in mind and deterrents such as lighting, visible security patrols and staff presence are often used to deter intruders.

Some facilities offer alarms within the building and even individual door alarms for each unit, these are the kinds of things you can ask about before deciding where to store your possessions. Electronic pass-code gates are also becoming more common as a security measure and clients are asked for ID either at the entrance barrier or they are given a special card that allows them access to the premises.

You can also further protect yourself by organizing insurance cover for stored items, ask the storage provider if they offer their own insurance protection and if so what it covers. If you feel this isn’t sufficient for what you are storing then organize a further plan.

You should be able to buy your own strong lock and lock up the unit yourself, most facilities will also have a supply that are guaranteed to be extra strong and will be available at discounted prices.

Don’t be afraid to ask the self storage facility manager questions about their level of security, after all this is your lifetime items you are intending to leave in their care, and that is his job. Some things you might want to know are if they have CCTV, how many do they have, and if they have it who monitors it and at what times, and if the alarm is triggered who is alerted?