Sunday, 19 January 2014

Declutter Your Home in 3 Simple Steps

Over the years it becomes easy to accumulate more than you need. Garages and basements soon become home to all kinds of unused items. Closets get overfilled and guest bedrooms become improvised storage areas. Clutter can be frustrating and can make tasks like moving, cleaning, and having company over into difficult situations. Luckily there's a very simple way to free up space. In order to reduce clutter, simply spend an afternoon sorting your possessions into three categories: items you can give away, items you can sell, and items that you can store.

Give away
Anything that you don't use and that has little value should be sorted into the “give away” group. Old clothes, books, toys, furniture, and gadgets can all be eliminated. Check with local charities and see if you can donate any of your old goods to them. Other items can be advertised for free on Craigslist. Giving away items is both beneficial to others and can save money by eliminating the need for special garbage pickups. If you do find yourself having to throw out items make sure that all of them are safe to be discarded. Certain products, like television sets and batteries, need to be taken to special recycling facilities.

If you have any unnecessary items that might be worth money you can sell them. Depending on what you have, it's possible to make quite a bit of money by doing this. There are numerous ways to sell off unwanted possessions. Traditional avenues like garage sales are great for people who like face-to-face interactions. While online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon can all reach wider audiences. Whether you're selling at a garage sale or online, make sure to do a little research into how much each item is worth. A quick Google search can keep you from selling something valuable for very little.

Items that are necessary but get used infrequently should be grouped together and placed in storage. Seasonal items like barbeque grills, skis, surf boards, camping equipment, and winter jackets should all be boxed up and placed someplace safe. There are plenty of cheap storage facilities that offer all kinds of amenities. Many offer storage services such as climate control, high end security, and various sized units to fit any need. In addition, most facilities offer both long and short term storage. This allows customers to pay low rates even if they are only storing items for a few months.
While excessive clutter is frustrating, it can be dealt with easily. By sorting through items a homeowner can reduce unnecessary possessions and create more free space. Eliminating low value and unneeded goods is an easy way to reduce clutter. Selling off more valuable items not only frees up space but can also be quite profitable. While needless goods are easy to get rid of there are certain things which are only used seasonally. These items are great for placing in storage, where they will remain out of the way until you wish to use them again.