Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Starting out with Storage and Removal

If you are a self-storage newbie then choosing your first storage unit can be difficult and complicated. You need to start off by figuring out just how many items you intend to put into storage and whether you will be adding to the contents at a later date. Make sure you are not just storing items that you could throw away or sell as otherwise you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Be ruthless with yourself. If you are unsure whether to keep something then it’s probably time to part with that particular item. Remember, storage is only really good for non-perishable items, as well as medium to large pieces of furniture, office equipment and shop fittings. If you do want to store very large items or perishable goods then you will have to find a specialised storage company.

Before you store any items, ensure you make a comprehensive list of everything as this can be essential for your own peace of mind, but also helpful if you have items stored that you will want to use again at a later date as you can refer to it to remind yourself what’s in the self storage unit.

There are plenty of tips and sound advice on the internet about storage facilities and how they work so it’s worth taking a look before you enter into a contract with a storage service. Some companies also explain it in very easy terms via short videos, or search YouTube as they upload videos there too. These cover a range of storage aspects, from finding a unit near to your location and how to pack efficiently, to choosing the right size unit for your needs and loading a unit to get maximum space.

Most towns and cities have storage facilities so there will never be one too far away from your neighbourhood, if you can then it’s advisable to pay the facility a visit as you want to check it’s clean and tidy and secured. Websites are also a good place to start as they will give all the information you require, any promotions or discounts will be displayed there, and there’ll be all the contact information available here if you require further information or want to book a unit.  

Storage is designed for personal and business use and used by people from all walks of life, including large corporations and small 1-man businesses to home-owners, students, retail outlets and travellers. Everyone needs extra space at some point and a storage unit is ideal for keeping your personal belongings or excess stock in a secure and safe place. Whilst there are those that have the use of a unit all year around and use it when it suits them, there are others that simply want to clear the spare room whilst relatives stay during the summer for instance. Everyone has different reasons, but are after the same thing – security, space, affordability and convenience.