Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tidying Up Your New Home After Moving in

When you first move into your new home, you want to take the opportunity to set the stage for how tidy and organised it will be in the future. Being organized means you can be a lot more productive in life and have more time for doing the things that you enjoy.

Before you move make sure to purchase some storage boxes, ideally with separate compartments, to put all of your electronics and loose odds and ends in. Plastic storage boxes are stackable and inexpensive, so you can always buy more as you need them, and they come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to store all kinds of things. The best way to organize efficiently is to have a place for everything, this way you never have a growing pile of items that you will ‘sort out later’ but never do.

Keep instruction manuals and warranties stored away with your other paperwork, in a filing cabinet or even in a magazine box. The kitchen is always a good place to keep guarantees, etc. as many of them will be for the electrical appliances you use here, so keep them together in a particular drawer or box on a high shelf where they can easily be found when need be.

Ensure kitchen and laundry storage solutions are functional and easily accessible. Get someone in to fix shelving on the walls and hang hooks under them or on the backs of the doors so things can be hung up and stored out of the way but are still in your vision.

Hooks are great little inventions as they can be placed anywhere and everywhere, including the pantry. Organise the pantry according to different types of foods and keep unused cutlery, plates and other dishware stored away from your everyday use items.

Once you’ve moved in, regular spring cleans can help to avoid the inevitable build up of clutter and ensure your self storage solutions continue to fit your changing lifestyle needs. Make yourself a promise to spring clean every 3 months or so and stick to it.

One common time-waster is looking for the household or car keys, ‘Now, where did I put them?’ This is easily solved by having some hooks right next to the front door or a small basket in the hallway where they are always placed when not in use.

Consider the function each item has, if it is pens and pencils then why would you keep them in the hallway? The best place is the home office so make a place for them there. Get the whole family involved when organizing as otherwise you will be wasting your time trying to do it all yourself. Once they get the idea and know the places of things your home should be well-organised and run more efficiently as well as look nice and tidy!