Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to make use of self storage facilities when running an online business

People are getting more comfortable with the thought of buying something online as online shops and services get safer and more common. If you are running an online business from home, one of the major problems is the sourcing of a cheap but spacious storage facility for your stock. This article shows the tips you might like to follow in sourcing for one.
You start an online shop from home and its business starts coming in. It starts off at a nice leisurely pace, a few orders here and there. You only needed a small space to store your stock. Then you decide to expand, and why not. Your customers seem eager to be able to order more stuff from you, some of them even writing in to request a brand that they might like. You don’t want to lose your loyal customers, so you order more stuff and before you know it, your room is filled with boxes upon boxes of stock.
It’s time to look for a storage space.
A look around your area shows a few places for rent. Some landlords dislike the idea of you storing goods in an office space. Some warehouses are way too expensive and don’t necessarily have the security or the right condition for your goods. One option many online shop owners go from being a self storage facility. The self storage facility has the following advantages:
1. Choice of size
The keyword is choice. You can rent a tiny unit for products that are not too big or you can go for a huge one - it’s entirely up to you. You can even start small and upgrade to a bigger space later or even rent a few units for different categories of items.
2. Security
Many of these facilities boast of good, high tech security to ensure safety.
3. Price
Many have a long-term rental discount so if you’re planning to rent for months or even years on end, it might actually be worth it.
4. Location
These facilities usually have branches in different areas so you could pick one that is most convenient for you.
5. Climate control
You can choose a unit that has climate control if your items can spoil.

With all these good factors in mind, you might want to consider renting a self storage facility. Of course, every shop’s needs are unique and may require different considerations. Do remember, when sourcing for a space, that you must cater for a possible expansion in the future. Many online shop owners, whilst happy they are doing well, find out the hard way they simply are not prepared for the overwhelming number of orders that an “out of stock” label becomes inevitable. An “out of stock” label placed too long will cause an exodus of your customers, so be very careful. Always plan ahead. Give time for stock to be delivered as wholesale delivery takes a while.
That being said, looking for a bigger space for your online shop should be considered a “happy problem” as this means you are doing well in this competition online shop global market.