Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Storage Unit Stories Going Popular

This has been an article a long time coming. The storage industry is not quite new, what with the changes and improvements being made like mobile units and extra partnered services being added into the fray. With the advent of the whole industry, television shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters.

The premises of both shows are based on the fact that the contents of a storage unit can be sold off as a whole in the form of an exciting gamble - an auction which will allow the winning bidder to peruse through all the items and also gives them the liberty to value and sell off the items of worth within.

And it’s not just all the glamour of what you see on the screen. The real community of storage hunters, as they call themselves, must have experience if not, they are expected to develop a keen eye as soon as possible if they want to be able to assess and win a bid of a potentially good haul from any of the storage units that are released.

Besides the thrill of the chase that you get with the auctioneers, there are also the stories that come with the territory of opening up an “abandoned” storage unit. From the jackpots to the duds, the untold mysteries that lie lurking inside have ranged from finding heirloom items like antiquities and art pieces to just a bunch of mouldy blankets and truly useless items to anyone other than the original owners.

What is amazing is the integrity of some of the storage hunters who unseal the locked storage units. There are many who are very easy-going about returning personalised memorabilia that they’ve found inside - kids photos and kids art work and of course the more sensitive documents. Not all of them will do it though, because it does eat into the profit margin for them to go out of their way to return items that were left behind in the storage unit. But there are those who do go the extra mile.

Storage units have also been in the news for a myriad of things - FBI sting operations that sometimes turn out an amazing bust and bounty and the ones that went wrong when leads turned out to be dead ends and of course serial killers hiding dead bodies within the recesses of the storage unit for years and years until finally discovered when the storage unit went unpaid and got sold away.

Of course there are the everyday stories, the ones that come with the business of providing a service. So many people walk through the doors of the Storage Facility Office and ask for help to keep their items safe while there are other matters to attend to, and we oblige oh-so cheerfully and do our utmost to make sure that there’s nothing to worry about when the things are entrusted to us.

So besides being a wonderfully helpful and useful industry, the Storage Facilities do have their own quirks and interesting characters come along every day. Leaving you with a quote “From divorce to deaths, from gluttons to hoarders, from frugal to flaunting to just plain weird, these folks portray it all.” And that’s the heart and soul of the storage industry - it’s not just about the service anymore but how the business touches each and every person that comes into touch with it.