Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Getting the New House Ready for Move-In

The papers are signed, the deed is drawn up. You’ve even managed to get your whole family on board with the idea of moving and everybody is excited. Now how do you even get started with trying to get the new place ready for everybody? Perhaps you’ve managed to get some guys to help you move your stuff over and you know how to pack up the old life and get ready to move on and into the new.

What do you need to consider about your new house anyway?

Getting everything ready and into storage was a breeze, but you don’t want to move into the new house and realise that there’s a lot of work left to be done. It’s important to time the move carefully so that whatever loose ends are tied up just about when you’re ready to make the full transition into living in a new location and neighbourhood.

It is a good idea to also not be stranded without anywhere to stay while renovations are going on as well, so timing really is key to being able to live without inconvenience in your old house while the new one gets gussied up, and do the final move when everything is all cleaned up and things can be used.

Besides obviously the location and the amenities, the house itself has to be in a good livable quality. If you’re lucky enough to have bought a brand new house that comes with fixtures and everything fit in, there’s not much to worry about with renovations and the like. With older houses though, if there are any usable furniture left behind, it’s a good idea to see if they can be reused from the old house and therefore have arrangements made to put these items into storage while works are being done.

The objective here is to make sure that there is as little disruption to your daily lives as possible. Everybody knows that time is money and that every day that you’ve taken off from work to get the house moved also means more days for the kids away from school too. As exciting as that may seem, it is not something that you want to see dragging what with the inconveniences to living out of 2 separate locations.

Plan carefully which items can be done without and move those items out into storage first and then into the new house once it’s ready. The less things to deal with the better and staggering the installation of carpets and personalised knick knacks like the pictures, books, decorative items and other embellishments can wait until the last moment to really be broken out of their storage boxes for displaying again.

It is actually perfectly fine to do a partial move if you have the time and would like to keep costs cheap. You can save quite a fair bit of money slowly ferrying things over. But do keep the necessities with you - as simple as it may seem to carry laundry to your new house and then back, it’s not as smart.

There are lots of options from moving and storage companies that are more than happy to throw in extra services like clean up and painting and removal of refuse for you if you are willing to pay a little bit for the value-add. So do have a look at the different packages that companies have available. Even simply just going with a storage company to get everything from point A to point B may be a good idea because of the less stress and hassle that you’ll have worrying about how you can handle things.

Leaving things to the expert can sometimes really be a weight off your shoulders, but whatever you may choose, stay calm and keep being happy all throughout the entire process. A new home should be filled with laughter and joy and taking the whole event in your stride can only lead to a great start.