Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why do you need EXTRA Storage

Everything is fine just the way it is, or isn’t it?

Are you worried about your bulging closets and do you worry that the things in the store room are just going to come crashing down on you the next time you open up its door. Maybe everything is in tip-top shape, you are just so sick of looking at that paisley sofa, or you’d love to get a new bed frame to match that new coat of paint but it seems such a waste to just throw or give away the ones that you have.

Even more of a waste for you to throw away perfectly good clothes that might just come back into fashion like how high waisted shorts and shoulder pads came back into vogue - we bet you wished you kept that leather jacket from the 60s that would be so couture and vintage right now!

So maybe you’re moving to somewhere and need to move your portable storage unit to a different location in Australia, or even if you’re going somewhere else in the world for a temporary assignment. You’ll probably want to keep your items somewhere safe and will eventually need to collect your items back.

There are tonnes of reasons out there for why storage is so important!

Well look no further, that’s an excellent idea to start looking into putting your things into storage! And it maybe not necessarily mean that you need to hire storage space at a storage facility per se. We’ll be happy to share with you some tips and trips of using the storage you’ve got at home and even creating extra storage for yourself right where you are.

The easiest way and cheapest way to create storage in your place without paying a crazy price is to compartmentalise! Buying boxes and other container units of different shapes and sizes not only help you to organize and clear up the clutter, but if you choose the right kinds of containers, they can actually complement and brighten up your decor. It’s 2 birds with one stone we tell you!

A more expensive way of doing it is of course renovation and expansion. Besides the fact that this method will be taking a lot of time to plan and schedule into your already busy daily life, there’s really nothing quite like having your own storage space on your own land and premises; and POOF! There’s your new storage room or whatever other room you’d like to have so you can convert the old one into a storage room! Much like how any house improvement project is exciting, so is creating a personalised storage space akin to creating just about any other new room in the house.

The cheaper option would be ready made sheds or shacks that you can get from your local hardware or big department store. Even less fuss and muss. Just purchase and install and Voila! Instant storage space!

But we saved the best for last. The easiest method of creating storage is to outsource it! With today’s new innovations in the storage industry like portability and extra transporting services that come along with, it becomes so simple to just give storage company a call and have them bring a mobile storage unit right to your doorstep.

Best part about this, is that you don’t even need to worry about your things while they’re in storage because they’ll be monitored by the company in a high security facility. There are also specialised options which might be able to provide better care for the more sensitive items than what could be afforded at home.

Whichever option you choose, there’s no doubt that there is no bad reason to have extra storage, so put in that little effort and create a new space for yourself.